Regarding Our Founder

Late Mr Karam Chand Khanna (Founder)

Our founder, the late Mr. Karam Chand Khanna, was born in 1930 in Pakistan. His family had a background in farming, but due to the India-Pakistan division in 1947,They had to leave the land of pakistan and they had to relocate to Karnal district in Haryana, Determined to support his family, Mr. Khanna decided to pursue a career in farming. However, he soon realized his passion for business and moved to Delhi in 1952 with only three thousand rupees to his name.

In Delhi, late Mr. Karam Chand Khanna started his journey by venturing into the coal business in Mahavir Chowk, Ashok Gali,Gandhi Nagar. His hard work,honestyand foresight ,and dedication paid off, and his business began to expand. In 1953, his sons, Mr. Govind Lal Khanna, Mr. Ved Prakashi Khanna, and Mr. Laxman Dass Khanna, joined him in his entrepreneurial endeavors.

Together, Mr. Khanna and his sons achieved significant success in the coal business, which led them to open a new unit in Shahdara. They supplied coal to various companies in the brass and steel industries. It was during this time that Mr. Khanna inspired his second son, Mr. Govind Lal Khanna, to venture into the garment business.

Your Inspiration hard work, honesty and foresight
23 May 1930- 22 April 1998

In 1986-87, Mr. Govind Lal Khanna started the garment business. Initially, they sold cotton t-shirts, printed t-shirts, and plain t-shirts. However, they soon expanded their offerings to include customized and corporate t-shirts, which proved to be a significant turning point for their garment business. The demand for customized T-shirts was increasing.

In 1990, Mr. Karam Chand Khanna and his children took the essential choice to obtain a coal unit in Shahdara, denoting their full drenching into the piece of clothing business. The family endeavor saw the expansion of the most youthful child, Mr. Kishan Lala Khanna, in 1992, and by 1993, he led the commencement of the product business, catalyzing further development.

Mr. Karam Chand Khanna’s foresight, perseverance, and honesty were crucial to the success of his company. His vision pointed at monetary accomplishment as well as at making a stage for development and open doors for other people. He invested wholeheartedly in the surprising development of the organization, underscoring that genuine progress ought to be checked by monetary accomplishments as well as by the prosperity of representatives, their families, and clients.

Mr. Karam Chand Khanna’s accentuation on supporting and really focusing on workers, thinking of them as the substance of the association, laid out a powerful starting point for supported achievement. Focusing on their prosperity and cultivating a devoted and talented group, the organization set up for proceeded with flourishing. Mr. Khanna was certain about the group’s capacity to flourish, predicting a positive effect on what’s to come. Together, they were molding a promising future for both themselves and individuals they served.

Late Mr. Karam Chand Khanna’s foresight,hardwork and honesty went creating a successful business; he aimed to build a platform for growth and opportunities for others. He took immense pride in the company’s remarkable growth over the years. However, he believed that true success should be measured not only by financial achievements but also by the well-being of their employees, their families, and their clients.

Late Mr. Karam Chand Khanna emphasized the importance of nurturing and caring for their employees, as they were the heart and soul of the organization. By prioritizing their well-being and fostering a dedicated and talented team, the company established a solid foundation for continued success. Mr. Khanna expressed confidence in the team’s ability to flourish and make a positive impact in the future. Together, they were shaping a brighter future for themselves people they served.